Effective vacuum sealing of meats, fish, fruit, or vegetables for sous vide cooking. The SousChef vacuum sealer can be used to either vacuum and seal or seal only, and it suited for lower volumes and bags up to 28cm width. This vacuum sealer is great for house hold use. 

Power operated at 220-240V, with a single 110W motor. A 3 meter roll vacuum bags is included to start packing & cooking immediately. 

This external clamp vacuum machine works with any textured or embossed vacuum bag (max width 28cm). Find replacement bags here.

Vacuum Sealer

for sous vide cooking

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Effortless Cooking

1 - Place all ingredients in a zip-lock bag or vacuum pack

2 - Bring water to the desired temperature, and drop the bag in the water bath to cook to perfection.

3 - Sear the meat briefly on high temperature to create a crispy and flavourful crust