Making your own fresh yoghurt with healthy live cultures is easy as long as you've got the right tools. Yoghurt cultures need a temperature of 42C to live, and with the SousChef immersion circulator it's easy to maintain that temperature to develop a delicious creamy yoghurt with either long-life or fresh milk. 


This set of 12 jars makes it easy to prepare portion-sized yoghurts for a healthy breakfast on the go or to bring along to the office.

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Set of 12 yoghurt jars

for 230ml portions

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Effortless Cooking

1 - Place all ingredients in a zip-lock bag or vacuum pack

2 - Bring water to the desired temperature, and drop the bag in the water bath to cook to perfection.

3 - Sear the meat briefly on high temperature to create a crispy and flavourful crust