About SousChef

Early 2019, I first heard of the concept of sous vide. I was watching a YouTube video by Alex, The French Guy cooking, and what he shared with his fast-growing YouTube audience absolutely blew my mind. I watched this video, in which he shows how to prepare the perfect steak, using the sous vide method:


This was the start of learning all about sous vide cooking, the tools and techniques, and why it’s really an awesome technique to master. Professional chefs apply the sous vide technique in their restaurant kitchens to guarantee consistency, and it soon became clear to me that at home this is a great cooking technique too.

Trying out different recipes opened my eyes how you can achieve perfect results in the kitchen consistently, without the stress of under or overcooking your vegetables, steaks, fish and more. I’ve always loved spending time in the kitchen, and through mastering this technique I could confidently add a couple more ‘signature dishes’ to my repertoire.

As I spent more time playing around with different sous vide recipes I realised that, compared to traditional kitchen techniques, the sous vide method is the absolutely the most reliable method to achieve perfect results.

I realised that there was no real sous vide expert in South Africa. A specialist sharing all there is to know about sous vide cooking, offering all useful accessories and equipment. One that’s also delivering reliable after sales service for home-use as well as the hospitality industry. And so SousChef was born: the one-stop-shop for sous vide cooking in South Africa.  

SousChef is backed up by the OmniBlend team, known for their high-quality products for the hospitality industry and home-use, and great after sales service. With our head office in Cape Town, distributors across the country, and free door-to-door courier service you can get started with SousChef sous-vide stick wherever you are.

Our goal is to share the knowledge and tools for sous vide cooking. The name sounds fancy, however it’s a technique that everyone can master. Having experienced the results for ourselves, we’re passionate about sharing this with as many people as possible. I’m forever continuing to learn about cool hacks and tricks, and which sous vide tools are essential for every budding home chef. You’ll be the first to know about them.

Jan Folmer