The SousChef sous vide immersion circulator offers a flexible solution for sous vide cooking at home, for private cheffing, and in restaurant kitchens.


With a 1200W motor this sous vide stick is powerful and reliable for water baths up to 20 litres. Simply attach the holder to the water bath to start cooking at specific temperatures with 0.5C degrees precision.


SousChef makes preparing the perfectly cooked fillet, leg of lamb, and vegetables easy. And you’ll even be able to pull off a crème brûlée effortlessly.

Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

for sous vide precision cooking

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sous vide: cooked to perfection, time and time again

Innovative & Powerful

Precise and consistent temperature

Suitable for up to 20 litres

Compact and portable design

Designed for commercial kitchens and home chefs


Dimension 39.6 x 16.6 x 9.1 cm
Weight 1.1 kg
Water bath capacityup to 20ltr
Waterproof level IPX7
Temperature range 20-90C
other Easy to mount clip on holder for use with any pot or container


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Effortless Cooking

1 - Place all ingredients in a zip-lock bag or vacuum pack

2 - Bring water to the desired temperature, and drop the bag in the water bath to cook to perfection.

3 - Sear the meat briefly on high temperature to create a crispy and flavourful crust


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