Surprise your guests with the unique and exquisite flavours and textures of sous vide beef tongue. Beef tongue does not receive enough appreciation but with this easy sous vide recipe, you have a culinary ace up you sleeve. 

Beef Tongue must be pickled for 12 hours. Salt generously and leave in the fridge overnight. Expect 8-10 portions on average per tongue…there is some wastage as we don’t want the sinew bits.

Put the picked beef tongue in an airtight bag and sous vide for 35 hours at 75 °C. 

After those 35 hours, remove from sous vide water bath and let it cool off. You can easily peel off the skin. Then cut into triangles and set aside for service. 

Serving suggestions:
You can serve the cubes of beef tongue with horseradish potato crème, deep-fried capes, crispy carrots and fresh green cabbage.

Sous Vide Beef Tongue


  • 1 whole beef tongue

  • Sous Vide
    Time & Temperature

  • 35 hour
  • 75°C
  • Directions:

    1. Generously salt the beef tongue and leave for 12 hours in the fridge.
    2. After 12 hours, prepare the sous vide bath and set the temperature to 75°C.
    3. Put whole beef tongue in ziplock bag or vacuum sealed bag. 
    4. Place the bag in the 75°C water bath and cook for 35 hours.
    5. Cool the meat, and peel off the skin. 
    6. Cut the tongue in big cubes and cut cubes diagonally to get nice triangles. 
    7. Heat a cast iron pan with lots of butter. Just sear each side shortly. The tongue will change quickly in a darker brown color. 
    8. Serve it with your own styled dish 


     This recipe was developed as part of Nederburg's I'll bring the wine series in which South African chefs showcase traditional South African dishes.