Sous Vide Recipes

sous vide t-bone steak


The Wagyu T-bone offers the ultimate experience for steak lovers. The beautifully marbled cut of sirloin and fillet on the bone is a diamond in the rough. Don’t be fooled by the tough appearance as the meat is buttery tender and juicy! 
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sous vide steak


A Donburi is a traditional Japanese rice dish with vegetables and meat, usually served with some pickled sides. The Donburi does justice to the sous vide Wagyu steak strips as they’re served on top of the bowl to be savoured on its own or in a perfect bite. The umami of the Wagyu Denver steak complements the flavours beautifully
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sous vide picanha with sousvide stick

Sous Vide Picanha steaks

I'm sure you have heard this word 'picanha' before. When a friend told my about it, I was not sure what kind of cut it was. Picanha is a cut of beef first made popular in Brazil. It is perfect for the sous vide technique.
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Sous Vide Lamb Shoulder with Ottolenghi spice rub

Ottolenghi’s recipes are known for fantastic flavour and we’ve used his shawarma spice mix recipe to cook this amazing juicy fall off the bone lamb shoulder. Many recipes are developed specifically for sous vide cooking, and provide the time and temperature of the sous vide process. Other recipes can work equally well for sous vide cooking. Changing a traditional oven roast to sous vide preparation often make it easier, with fool proof results. Oven roasting requires you to check regularly to make sure it’s cooked, but not dried out. It can make you worry whether it will it have the...

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Sous Vide Leg of Lamb on the Braai

Leg of Lamb, a treat to serve and feast to cook! Even more so when you know that you can’t get it wrong, in case you’d fear letting roasting it too dry or just underdone. This lamb was cooked sous vide at 55C for 24 hours, and it turned out juicy and full of flavour, medium rare from the outside to the bone. This cut deserves a labour of love, and the nice thing about it is that it’s mostly hands-off. The marinade is quick to prepare, and you then leave the meat to rest marinated in the fridge before...

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